Frequently Asked Questions about nesting software library

What is a nesting software library? How is it different from an end-user product?

A nesting library is a collection of functions and resources usable with a programming language. It has to be integrated into an application in order to develop an end-user software. A library cannot be directly used by an end-user.
Our Powernest nesting libraries for true shape nesting (2D) or 3D blocks are made for software developers or machine manufacturers who wish to include advanced nesting features in their applicative software.
If you are looking for an applicative nesting software package or a CAM software for cutting, please visit
If you’d like to use a nesting software as a SaaS (Software as a Service) application, please visit Nest&Cut is a web service that provides online access to high performance automatic nesting functions for complex 2D shapes.

Is Powernest nesting library limited to a specific industry or technology?

Powernest nesting software library is widely used in various industries such as sheet metal, packaging and printing, foam manufacturing, wood working and many other sectors where there is a need for nesting and optimization.
Our libraries work perfectly with various types of cutting technologies, such as laser, flame, plasma, water-jet cutting, milling, sawing, etc.

Can Powernest drive my CNC cutting machines?

No, Powernest is a library that has to be integrated into a CAM or ERP software application.
If you are looking for an applicative CAD/CAM software product that includes nesting features to drive your CNC cutting machines in the field of sheet metal cutting or wood milling, please visit to find a distributor in your region.

How do I integrate Powernest nesting library with my application?

Powernest library is available either as a C DLL (Powernest Lib) or in the cloud (Powernest WS). Powernest Lib ships with a well-documented C API which can be used with any programming language. Powernest WS offers a simple REST API described here.  In any case we offer integration support with direct contact with our nesting experts.

How can I assess Powernest's nesting library performances?

You can test Powernest Demo, our free cloud-based nesting demo application. Thanks to this 100% cloud-based application for automatic nesting, you can evaluate the performance of the Powernest nesting engine in a few seconds with your parts. Contact us for more specific and precise tests.

Do Powernest nesting library give the best possible results?

In the field of nesting “Best nesting” is a tough mathematical problem for which no feasible exact algorithms exist. However, Powernest thrives to give an optimized result in a short amount of time.