Case study

Logo BCSI Systems, leading software house for the die making and packaging industry

BCSI Systems, leading software house for the die making and packaging industry

“For sure, we will recommend Alma’s nesting product, but not to our competitors! Powernest is a very stable and reliable nesting optimization solution. Besides, we always receive full and excellent support from Alma. That is why we will definitely continue working with Alma for the coming years.”

Company background

Since 1998, BCSI Systems BV has been integrating Alma’s Powernest into its CAD/CAM software package for the die-making and carton-making industry, making it the one of the very first players in this niche market. Thanks to a close collaboration and long-standing partnership with Alma, BCSI is able to provide a complete solution for its customers worldwide.

A long-standing partnership

In the late 1990s, BCSI developed a module of automatic calculation of rubber parts in die-injection processes. One of their concerns was to optimize the cost-efficiency of all the parts involved. As the leader in nesting optimization, Alma was approached first. Today, the partnership is still a great success, giving BCSI a tremendous advantage over their competitors.

Comprehensive solution for various cutting technologies

Alma’s Powernest is mainly integrated in BCSI’s die-making software packages, which account for about 80% of the company’s business. The BSCI software packages consist of a core offer and many optional modules that meet different die-making needs. Alma’s Powernest is closely integrated with one of the add-ons, called rubber counting. It provides a comprehensive solution, from automatic calculation to powerful nesting performance, for various rubber cutting equipments such as waterjet, knife-cutting machines, etc.

100% efficiency improvement

With respect to BCSI’s die-making business, the chain-production efficiency has improved by 100% thanks to Alma’s Powernest. In a few clicks, this solution has found the ideal situation for calculation and optimization. When the chain starts manufacturing the die, the software is capable of processing the automatic calculation and nesting optimization in parallel, meaning that nesting layouts are always ready before the next orders are processed. This generates a global improvement in efficiency and in the quality of the product delivered to the end-users.

Innovation always for better performance

Since 2014, an upgraded version, Powernest2, has been integrated by BCSI to achieve better performance. In the optimization process, the new PowerNest2 enables the pieces to turn automatically, with the best angle to get an even more compact nesting optimization result. This breakthrough, combined with improved compaction functions, helps BCSI improve by 20% its customers’ material consumption savings.

Full support and excellent service

Alma’s Powernest is highly acknowledged for its stability and reliability. No crash or technical bugs have been detected since its integration by BCSI. Additionally, full and excellent support was provided both at the integration and upgrading stages. As expected, the integration was completed in a very short time and BCSI felt completely confident when installing Powernest2 for their clients.