Powernest Demo : Try Automatic Nesting for Free

The new version of Alma's automatic nesting demonstrator in the cloud.

Try our automatic nesting algorithms with your parts for free!

Thanks to this 100% web-based application for automatic nesting, any user can evaluate the performance of the Powernest nesting engine in a few seconds, using their own parts.

Launch Powernest Demo

Using it is as easy as pie!

  • Import your DXF files or use the DXF files that are provided with the application
  • Enter your data (parts number, formats) and run the automatic nesting
  • Data are sent to remote servers for cloud computing.
  • Nesting results are directly displayed on your computer or as a PDF report.
  • Easily evaluate how much material you saved and compare the results with those from competing solutions.


Whether you are a CAD/CAM software developer, a machine-tool manufacturer or a industrial manufacturer equipped with cutting machines, you can try our cloud-based nesting demo app with your parts and check by yourself the performance of our automatic nesting algorithms.

You can even send a DXF of a nesting layout you’ve already performed. Our intelligent nesting demonstrator identifies the parts and sheets then performs the nesting all over again, completely automatically!

Launch Powernest Demo