2D Geometry Web Service

High end DXF and DWG importer at your fingertips

Geometry Web Service (GWS) is a powerful and comprehensive service for importing dxf and dwg files. It allows processing of multiple files simultaneously using parallel computation to extract shapes, recognise identical shapes and correct shapes with contour errors.

This service has been designed for quoting, CAM cutting, or ERP cloud solutions and can be used in a wide range of sectors: sheet metal working, packaging industry, shipbuilding, cutting of wood panels, foam, composite materials, plastics, etc..

GWS is designed to be easy to use and to process complex algorithms asynchronously in order to bypass any possible timeout issues. A geometry cleaning tool is embedded to clean many CAD drawings errors such as self-intersecting contours or small contour gaps.

This service is available through a RESTful API.


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Main advantages and benefits

  • Easy to use
  • Support for imperial and metric units
  • Option to scale geometries
  • Previews of files, configured files and shapes in the form of png images
  • Shape spliting within the same file
  • Shape quantity recognition within the same file
  • Identification and summing of matching shapes across multiple files
  • External contour removal where the imported file contains nested shapes
  • Generate geometry representations in JSON compatible with PowerNest WS
  • Generate nesting result layout files (DXF, PNG, JSON) from PowerNest WS result
  • Add offcut as exportable shape in nesting results
  • Add part names as labels in nesting results
  • Compute statistics for nesting results (number of contours, used surface…)

How does the geometry cleaning tool works?

Most of the time shapes intersect or do not form closed loops. GWS tries to correct it but sometimes it is too difficult, see below the examples:

  • We relink open shapes. However, if the gap is too big it may fail.
  • We clean the intersections. However, if they are too complex, it may fail.
  • We can import multiple shapes in one file. GWS will identify the same shape separately. However, if shapes are superimposed it may fail.