PowerNest is a reliable nesting solution, very easy to integrate. It helps achieve low waste and better utilization of the material. Besides, it has a clear API to be used for programming.

Carlos Gonzalez, Sales Manager

We are very satisfied with the high customizability and flexibility of Alma’s nesting API. We have direct contact with Alma’s development team, who offers us great help and support.

Andreas Billmann, Project Engineer

For sure, we will recommend Alma’s nesting product, but not to our competitors! PowerNest is a very stable nesting optimization solution, and we always receive an excellent support from Alma.

René Bastians, Managing Director



SENER, a world reference in the marine sector, contributes to the shipbuilding industry from two business areas: ship design and marine engineering, shipbuilding oriented CAD/CAM system. All this experience is reflected in FORAN, SENER´s integrated computer-assisted system for the design, production and engineering of ships. FORAN has been deployed in more than 150 shipyards and ship design offices in 30 countries …

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FECKEN-KIRFEL is one of the world’s leading cutting machine manufacturers in foam, rubber, solid plastics and cork processing. The company offers a large variety of machine types, such as horizontal and vertical splitting, profiling, contour-cutting and peeling machines. To optimize material utilization and improve nesting performance, FECKEN-KIRFEL replaced its old nesting tools with Alma’s advanced nesting solution …

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Since 1998, BCSI Systems BV has been integrating Alma’s PowerNest into its CAD/CAM software package for the die-making and carton-making industry, making it the one of the very first players in this niche market. Thanks to a close collaboration and long-standing partnership with Alma, BCSI is able to provide a complete solution for its customers worldwide. In the late 1990s, BCSI developed a module of automatic calculation of rubber parts …

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